The Laramie Project

The Laramie Project


Moisés Kaufman

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Matt Mickelson Character Analysis

Matt Mickelson is the owner of the Fireside Bar where Matthew Shepard met Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson the night of his murder. Matthew’s family history in Laramie goes back generations. He helps connect the interviewers with Matt Galloway and Shadow, both bar employees. After he learns of Matthew’s murder, Matt follows the trial closely. He does not support the death penalty and advocates for life imprisonment for both Aaron and Russell.
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Matt Mickelson Character Timeline in The Laramie Project

The timeline below shows where the character Matt Mickelson appears in The Laramie Project. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 1: The Fireside
Homophobia, Tolerance, and Acceptance Theme Icon has pool tables and a stage for karaoke. First, Stephen and Barbara talk to Matt Mickelson , the bar’s owner. Matt Mickelson talks about his family’s history in Laramie, saying his... (full context)
Homophobia, Tolerance, and Acceptance Theme Icon
Barbara Pitts turns the conversation back to Matthew Shepard, and Matt Mickelson tells her that the night Matthew died, he came into the bar for a beer.... (full context)
Theater and Representation Theme Icon
...saw Matthew leave with two people he presumed to be Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. Matt Mickelson then tells the interviewers to talk with the DJ, Shadow, who was the last person... (full context)
Act 2: A Laramie Man
Violence, Punishment, and Justice Theme Icon
Media and Community Theme Icon
Next, Matt Galloway and Matt Mickelson , bartenders at the Fireside bar where Matthew Shepard was last seen at before his... (full context)
Act 3: A Death Penalty Case
Violence, Punishment, and Justice Theme Icon
...penalty, but she feels conflicted. Zackie Salmon, meanwhile, expresses full support for the death penalty. Matt Mickelson says he does not want Aaron to be put to death, but he hopes Aaron... (full context)