The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


C. S. Lewis

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Characters


Lucy, who is Peter, Susan, and Edmund’s youngest sister, is in many ways the primary protagonist of the novel. She is the first of her siblings to happen upon the world of… read analysis of Lucy


Edmund is Lucy’s older brother and Susan and Peter’s younger brother. He is a “spiteful” and cruel child who is easily duped by the White Witch and conscripted into her service on his… read analysis of Edmund


The oldest girl in the family, Susan is wise, contemplative, and usually the one attempting to keep the peace between her three other siblings, Peter, Edmund, and Lucy. She has a great… read analysis of Susan


Peter is Susan, Edmund, and Lucy’s older brother. As the eldest of the four siblings, Peter is in many ways their natural leader. During the journey to Narnia, he proves himself to… read analysis of Peter


The rightful King of Narnia, Aslan is a talking lion of great and imposing stature. Aslan is so powerful that the mere mention of his name inspires strong feelings of terror and wonder in all… read analysis of Aslan
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The White Witch / The Queen

The pretender to the throne of Narnia, the White Witch calls herself Queen of the realm but is actually an evil, ancient entity determined to thwart the prophecy which foretells that four Sons of Adam… read analysis of The White Witch / The Queen

The Professor

An old, unmarried man who takes in Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter when they are sent away from London during the air-raids at the height of World War II. The children take… read analysis of The Professor

Mr. Beaver

A talking beaver and denizen of Narnia who helps three of the four siblings—Lucy, Susan, and Peter—to prepare for battle against the White Witch by sheltering them from danger and leading… read analysis of Mr. Beaver
Minor Characters
Mrs. Macready
The Professor’s housekeeper, a strict and imposing woman whom Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter avoid at all costs. The first time the four siblings enter into Narnia together, they are hiding from Mrs. Macready in the wardrobe.
Mr. Tumnus
A kind talking Faun who has unwittingly found himself in the service of the evil White Witch. He befriends Lucy, and the two develop a fiercely loyal friendship.
Mrs. Beaver
Mr. Beaver’s kind, nurturing wife.
A diabolical talking wolf who serves as the White Witch’s head of security.