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Charles Duhigg

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Rich Meyer Character Analysis

Rich Meyer is the founder of Mediabase, a company that measures and analyzes the most popular songs at radio stations around the U.S. In 2003, he determined that people are more likely to listen all the way through songs that sound familiar to them. This supports Duhigg’s argument that “making the unfamiliar seem familiar” is the key to changing other people’s habits.

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Chapter 7 Quotes

This insight helped explain why “Hey Ya!” was failing on the radio, despite the fact that Hit Song Science and music executives were sure it would be a hit. The problem wasn’t that “Hey Ya!” was bad. The problem was that “Hey Ya!” wasn’t familiar. Radio listeners didn’t want to make a conscious decision each time they were presented with a new song. Instead, their brains wanted to follow a habit. Much of the time, we don’t actually choose if we like or dislike a song. It would take too much mental effort. Instead, we react to the cues (“This sounds like all the other songs I’ve ever liked”) and rewards (“It’s fun to hum along!”) and without thinking, we either start singing, or reach over and change the station.

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Chapter 7: How Target Knows What You Want Before You Do: When Companies Predict (and Manipulate) Habits
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The radio station manager Rich Meyer has been analyzing the most popular radio songs around the country and publishing his findings... (full context)
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Rich Meyer concluded that sticky songs sound more familiar than other songs. In other words, they are... (full context)