The Prince


Niccolò Machiavelli

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Ferdinand of Aragon Character Analysis

With his wife, Isabella I of Castile, Ferdinand of Aragon united Spain and funded the conquest of the New World. Ruling from 1475 to 1516, Ferdinand domestically pursued a centralizing policy and developed a foreign policy that centered on conquest and the containment of rival powers, such as France. Machiavelli praises Ferdinand's prowess and his ability to maintain an "outstanding" reputation.
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Ferdinand of Aragon Character Timeline in The Prince

The timeline below shows where the character Ferdinand of Aragon appears in The Prince. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 16
Laws and Arms Theme Icon
Virtue vs. Vice Theme Icon
The Masses and The Elite Theme Icon
...has also used his parsimony to finance foreign campaigns without excessively taxing his people. Finally, Ferdinand of Aragon 's success similarly rests on his miserliness. (full context)
Chapter 21
Laws and Arms Theme Icon
Fortune and Prowess Theme Icon
Goodwill and Hatred Theme Icon
Virtue vs. Vice Theme Icon
The Masses and The Elite Theme Icon
...striking demonstrations of [a prince's] personal abilities." As a modern exemplar, Machiavelli notes Spanish king Ferdinand of Aragon , whom he regards as a new prince. Among his "unparalleled" achievements, Machiavelli references Ferdinand's... (full context)