The Sun Also Rises


Ernest Hemingway

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The Sun Also Rises Characters

Jake Barnes

The narrator of The Sun Also Rises. At the start of the novel, he is an expatriate working as a journalist in Paris. He served in World War I, in which he suffered an… read analysis of Jake Barnes

Robert Cohn

An ex-boxer from Princeton and a writer. He is the only one of the male characters who is not a veteran of the war. He is divorced, and at the beginning of the novel is… read analysis of Robert Cohn

Lady Brett Ashley

A British, charismatic, and independent woman with a drinking problem. She is the love of Jake's life and she loves him too, but she (and Jake) both see his impotence as an impossible obstacle… read analysis of Lady Brett Ashley

Bill Gorton

Jake's buddy from the war. A writer who moved back to America after the war, he is a joker, using humor to hide from and disguise the horrors of his experiences of the war… read analysis of Bill Gorton

Pedro Romero

A young, good-looking bullfighting prodigy who is so skillful and beautiful that Brett falls in love with him. His skill and subtlety in the bull-ring impress everybody and create genuine emotion in the crowd. He… read analysis of Pedro Romero
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The owner of the hotel in Pamplona where Jake and his friends, as well as the best bullfighters, stay. He tries to protect Romero's integrity and values the pure passion of the aficionados (those… read analysis of Montoya
Minor Characters
Frances Clyne
Cohn's girlfriend at the start of the novel. She is a social climber who uses Cohn for his money but becomes possessive and wants to marry him when she realizes she is losing her good looks. Cohn eventually leaves her.
Mike Campbell
Brett's fiancé and a war veteran. He gets drunk all the time and starts fights. His insecurity about Brett causes him to break down and attack others. He is also renowned for being a bankrupt.
Wilson Harris
An Englishman whom Jake and Bill meet on their fishing trip. The threesome share much in common, including the war, and Harris is sad to part with them at the end of the trip.
A Parisian prostitute whom Jake picks up and takes to a club near the beginning of the novel. But he finds her dull and goes off with Brett instead.
Romero's bullfighting rival in the final fight. He cannot live up to his own legend and is outshone by Romero's genuine skill.
Count Mippipopolous
A rich, Greek expatriate who takes a liking to Brett and is kind to Jake. His goal seems always to get the most enjoyment out of life. He has been through many wars, and has developed opinions about values and love.
Harvey Stone
Another expatriate friend of Jake's. When Jake meets him in Paris, he is broke and unhappy and lashes out at Robert Cohn.
A friend of Bill Gorton's who, along with Bill and others, gets thrown out of a bar in Pamplona after nearly starting a brawl.
A friend of Jake's in Paris.
A newspaperman who tells Jake that he soon plans to quit and go out to see the country.