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Viet Thanh Nguyen

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A relative of Sofia’s who is likely her older brother, given his eligibility to fight in World War II, though his relationship to her is never specified. The Mori family spent time in an internment camp during the Second World War. In response to America’s betrayal, Abe refused to fight in the war when he was drafted. He was imprisoned for his objection. After his release, he left the United States to live in Japan. However, he also felt like an outsider in the land of his ancestors. As of the time that Sofia tells her brother’s story, he’s still living in Japan. Despite the difficulties of living there as an American, she claims that he’s still happier in Japan than he was in the United States.

Abe Mori Quotes in The Sympathizer

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Chapter 13 Quotes

After the war ended and he was freed, he thought he’d go back to his people, the way that he’d been told to all his life by white people, even though he was born here. So he went and found out that the people in Japan didn’t think he was one of them, either. To them he's one of us, and to us he's one of them. Neither one thing nor another.

Related Characters: Ms. Sofia Mori (speaker), The Narrator, Abe Mori , Son Do (“Sonny”)
Page Number: 214
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Chapter 13
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Sonny leans over the photo album and points out her relatives by name, including Abe, presumably her brother, who refused to fight during World War II. He was sent to... (full context)