The Sympathizer

The Sympathizer


Viet Thanh Nguyen

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A military soldier named Ed who has a surname that Mimi, Ti Ti, and Phi Phi can’t pronounce. He guards the embassy and “loves” Vietnamese prostitutes so much that he arranged for them to get safe passage out of the country. He got a bus and drove up and down Tu Do Street, where prostitutes in Saigon worked, and picked up as many as he could who wanted to leave. He got the women to the air base by telling the police that he was bringing them for a “party” where they would entertain the soldiers at the airport.

Sarge Quotes in The Sympathizer

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Chapter 3 Quotes

By this degree, the three call girls were troupers, which could not be said of 70 or 80 percent of the prostitutes in the capital and outlying cities […] Most were poor, illiterate country girls with no means of making a living except to live as ticks on the fur of the nineteen-year-old American GI […] Now am I daring to accuse American strategic planners of deliberately eradicating peasant villages in order to smoke out the girls who would have little choice but to sexually service the same boys who bombed, shelled, strafed, torched, pillaged, or merely forcibly evacuated said villages? I am merely noting that the creation of native prostitutes to service foreign privates is an inevitable outcome of a war of occupation, one of those nasty little side effects of defending freedom that all the wives, sisters, girlfriends, mothers, pastors, and politicians in Smallville, USA, pretend to ignore behind waxed and buffed walls of teeth […] ready to treat any unmentionable afflictions with the penicillin of American goodness.

Related Characters: The Narrator (speaker), Mimi , Ti Ti, Phi Phi, Sarge
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