The Talented Mr. Ripley


Patricia Highsmith

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The Talented Mr. Ripley Symbols

Dickie’s Rings

Dickie Greenleaf is never without his rings, which are physical markers of his wealth, status, and vanity. Though the vast majority of Dickie’s clothes and accessories are Italian-made, his rings, Tom notes, are American—a daily…

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Marge’s Underthings

The first time he visits Marge Sherwood’s home in Mongibello, Tom Ripley feels threatened by “the feminine touch represented by her tomato-colored bathing suit and a bra hanging over a windowsill.” Later on in the…

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The Motorboat

As Tom’s presence in Mongibello becomes more and more unwelcome and the emotional chasm between him and Dickie grows larger and deeper, Tom grows increasingly desperate to endear himself to Dickie, and this desperation leads…

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