The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall


Anne Brontë

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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall Characters

Helen Graham

A serious and pious young woman in her mid-twenties, Helen is posing as a widow with a young son when she firsts meets Gilbert Markham. In reality, she moves to Wildfell Hall to escape… read analysis of Helen Graham

Gilbert Markham

A gentleman farmer who followed his father into the profession, Gilbert Markham had, at one time, more worldly ambitions. The first half of the novel consists of Markham’s letters to his brother-in-law, Jack Halfordread analysis of Gilbert Markham

Arthur Huntingdon

A handsome and dissolute young man with tastes only for pleasure and drinking, Helen’s first husband proves an ill-suited mate for her as a serious and religious woman. Charming and affectionate in the first… read analysis of Arthur Huntingdon

Frederick Lawrence

The owner of Wildfell Hall. In the first half of the novel, told from Gilbert Markham’s perspective, it would seem that Frederick Lawrence is the secret lover of Helen Graham—but in reality, he… read analysis of Frederick Lawrence

Mrs. Maxwell (Peggy)

Helen’s aunt, a wise, deeply religious, and always well-intentioned woman. She does her best to talk Helen out of marrying Arthur Hungtingdon, but gives up when her husband gives his permission. Later, after… read analysis of Mrs. Maxwell (Peggy)
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Mr. Maxwell

Helen’s uncle, Mr. Maxwell finds Helen’s love affairs more amusing than his wife does. While he wishes Helen would accept a more financially stable suitor like Mr. Boarham or Mr. Wilmot, he gives… read analysis of Mr. Maxwell

Annabella Wilmot / Lady Lowborough

The beautiful and lively niece of Mr. Wilmot, Annabella marries Lord Lowborough solely for his title and the prestige it gives her. She actually despises her husband, and that truth comes to light years… read analysis of Annabella Wilmot / Lady Lowborough

Lord Lowborough

A serious and often depressed young man who must work hard not to give in to his demons, Lord Lowborough makes a disastrous match to Annabella Wilmot. Genuinely in love with her and in… read analysis of Lord Lowborough

Mrs. Markham

Gilbert Markham’s mother, a woman who is both imperious and indulgent with her children. She thinks no woman can be good enough for Gilbert, and warns him against forming any serious attachment to both… read analysis of Mrs. Markham

Eliza Millward

Flighty, shallow, and seductive, Eliza Millward is Gilbert Markham’s first love interest. She is also the daughter of the Reverend Michael Millward, and sister to Mary. Eliza grows bitterly jealous of Gilbert’s regard… read analysis of Eliza Millward

Mary Millward

The older daughter of the Reverend Michael Millward and sister of Eliza Millward, Mary tended her mother in her final years. Stouter and less graceful than Eliza, it is initially Gilbert’s perception that Mary… read analysis of Mary Millward

Jane Wilson

Mrs. Wilson’s daughter and friend to Rose Markham, Jane is, in Gilbert’s eyes, coldly ambitious. She is also a local beauty and, as the recipient of a boarding-school education, is much more… read analysis of Jane Wilson

Milicent Hargrave

A friend of Helen’s, Milicent is kind, submissive, and good. Against her own better judgment, she marries Ralph Hattersley. Milicent shares Helen’s love of painting. She also shares her misfortune in marrying… read analysis of Milicent Hargrave

Esther Hargrave

Milicent and Walter Hargrave’s younger sister, a woman who is innocent and sweet, but also strong and independent. She refuses to give in to her mother, who would like her to marry the first… read analysis of Esther Hargrave

Ralph Hattersley

An uncouth man, this son of a banker marries Milicent Hargrave because he claims he could not stand a wife who would check his desire to please himself at all times. At first one of… read analysis of Ralph Hattersley
Minor Characters
Arthur Huntingdon, Jr. / “Little Arthur”
The five-year-old son of Helen Graham and Arthur Huntingdon, little Arthur grew wild and out of control under his father’s influence. When Helen removes him from Grassdale Manor, however, he becomes a sweet and serious youth.
Having worked as Helen’s nurse when she was young, Rachel becomes Helen’s loyal companion when she decides to leave Arthur for Wildfell Hall.
Jack Halford
Gilbert’s brother-in-law, married to Rose, he is the man to whom Gilbert’s letters about Helen Graham are addressed. Like Gilbert, he cherishes stories of his impetuous youth, but the reader is never given access to those memories.
Rose Markham
Gilbert Markham’s sister and Jack Halford’s wife, she is a pretty woman with a plump figure and a kind manner.
Fergus Markham
Gilbert Markham’s younger brother, who dreams of going to sea or joining the army, but his mother won’t let him. Immature and spoiled at the beginning of the novel, he eventually meets a solid woman, inherits the family farm, and grows into a responsible and upstanding member of Linden-Car.
The Reverend Michael Millward
The father of Eliza and Mary Millward, he is the opinionated and strict minister of the Linden-Car parish. A robust, elderly gentleman, the reverend thinks anyone who disagrees with him or dares not to live as he thinks best is a fool.
Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Wilson, the widow of a successful farmer, is a neighbor of the Markham family and mother to Jane, Richard, and Robert Wilson. Gilbert describes her as a “narrow-minded, tattling old gossip.”
Robert Wilson
A rough farmer, he is son to Mrs. Wilson and brother to Jane and Richard Wilson.
Richard Wilson
The studious member of the Wilson clan, he works hard to secure admittance to college in order to enter the church. Brother to Jane and Richard Wilson and son to Mrs. Wilson, he marries Mary Millward and eventually becomes a much-beloved curate.
Mr. Grimsby
The least likable of Arthur Huntingdon’s drunken friends.
Walter Hargrave
The most moderate of Arthur’s friends, Walter Hargrave seems at first blush to be a moral man, and he is beloved by his sisters and mother, but he is at heart conniving and dishonest. Helen sees through his ruse and refuses his romantic overtures.
Mrs. Hargrave
Hard-hearted and concerned primarily with status, she marries Milicent off to Mr. Ralph Hattersley knowing that her daughter does not love him. She is also furious when her youngest child, Esther, defies her vows to marry for love rather than convenience and a stable financial situation.
Helen Hattersley
Milicent’s daughter and Arthur Huntingdon Jr.’s eventual wife.
Ralph Hattersley (Jr.)
Milicent’s son.
A male servant employed at Grassdale Manor, he helps Helen and Rachel orchestrate their escape.
Mr. Oldfield
Suitor of Esther Hargrave during her first season in London, Esther deems him ugly and old.
Mr. Boarham
Suitor to Helen prior to her marriage to Arthur, he is 18 to Helen’s 18 the year she “comes out.” He applies for her hand in marriage in a very clumsy and condescending manner. Privately, Helen refers to him as “Bore ’em.”
Mr. Wilmot
Yet another of Helen’s older suitors; he is uncle to Annabella.
Miss Myers
The governess engaged by Arthur Huntingdon to teach little Arthur, Miss Myers is actually Arthur’s mistress. It’s his affair with her that gives Helen the motivation she needs to leave her husband.
Helen’s father
Unnamed in the text, he dies during the worst years of Helen’s marriage to Arthur.