Behold the Dreamers

Behold the Dreamers


Imbolo Mbue

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Behold the Dreamers: Chapter 39 Summary & Analysis

At Judson Memorial Church, Neni listens to Natasha’s sermon about subjugating one’s ego and viewing oneself “as a vital piece of Divine Oneness.” Neni wants to tell Jende about the sermon when she returns home, but she can’t because she’s not sure if she believes it. She recalls how he returned home to her on the night when he was fired, “pitilessly bowed by life.” Neni cried, knowing that Cindy was behind the decision. Jende assured her that it didn’t matter and held out his arms to pull her into a hug.
Jende’s return home after being fired parallels with how Clark returned home after learning that Lehman Brothers had collapsed. However, Neni expresses a love and sympathy for her husband that Cindy didn’t care to express toward Clark. Natasha’s sermon gives Neni comfort because it reveals how everyone is connected. This helps her feel that the Edwardses don’t have as much control as they think.
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