Behold the Dreamers

Behold the Dreamers


Imbolo Mbue

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Egusi Stew Term Analysis

A West African stew or soup made with egusi—or the dried and ground seeds of melon, squash, or gourd plants—that are then combined with vegetables and smoked turkey or beef (the other ingredients in the stew may vary according to country or village). This is one of the dishes that Neni prepares for Vince’s farewell dinner.
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Egusi Stew Term Timeline in Behold the Dreamers

The timeline below shows where the term Egusi Stew appears in Behold the Dreamers. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 25
Family and Belonging Theme Icon
...Neni spends the day cleaning the apartment, shopping for groceries, and preparing the five-course dinner: egusi stew with smoked turkey, garri and okra soup, fried ripe plantains and beans, jollof rice... (full context)
Chapter 57
The Sustainability of the American Dream Theme Icon
...asks him to search for men who’ll till his land in Bimbia, who’ll plant plantains, egusi, and yams. He also asks him to look for a three-bedroom brick house with a... (full context)
Chapter 59
Family and Belonging Theme Icon
...Jongas in the Bronx. Everyone comes with something to eat: fried plantains, bitter leaf soup, egusi stew, poulet DG, grilled tilapia, attiéké, moi moi, soya, jollof rice, curry chicken, and pounded... (full context)