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John G. Neihardt

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Yellow Bird Character Analysis

Yellow Bird is a Lakota warrior who is part of Big Foot’s band. When Wasichu soldiers force Big Foots’ people to give up their guns, Yellow Bird resists. His gun accidentally goes off, killing a U.S. Cavalry officer, which starts the massacre at Wounded Knee. Yellow Bird dies at the massacre.
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Yellow Bird Character Timeline in Black Elk Speaks

The timeline below shows where the character Yellow Bird appears in Black Elk Speaks. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 24: The Butchering at Wounded Knee
The Transformative Power of Ceremony  Theme Icon
The Loss of Culture and Community  Theme Icon
Unrealized Dreams  Theme Icon
...the Big Foot people completely, and a soldier started to wrestle the gun away from Yellow Bird , which caused the gun to go off. The Wasichus insist that the gunshot was... (full context)