Black Elk Speaks


John G. Neihardt

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Hunkpapa Term Analysis

The Hunkpapa are one of the seven bands, or tribes, that make up the Lakota people. Hunkpapa means “Head of the Camp Circle” in Lakota. Iron Hawk is a Hunkpapa.
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Hunkpapa Term Timeline in Black Elk Speaks

The timeline below shows where the term Hunkpapa appears in Black Elk Speaks. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 8: The Fight with Three Stars
The Loss of Culture and Community  Theme Icon
...are soldiers camping up the river, preparing to attack. Black Elk’s friend Iron Hawk, a Hunkpapa Indian who was 14 and with Crazy Horse during the battle, describes the scene: two... (full context)
Chapter 9: The Rubbing Out of Long Hair
Nature Theme Icon
The Loss of Culture and Community  Theme Icon
Unrealized Dreams  Theme Icon
...are greasing themselves to go for a swim in the river, a crier from the Hunkpapa camp announces that the Wasichus are coming. Everyone gets their horses and prepares to fight.... (full context)
Nature Theme Icon
...his brother, who tells him to go back. Black Elk follows his brother and the Hunkpapas into the timber while the women and children flee downstream. Soldiers shoot at Black Elk,... (full context)
The Loss of Culture and Community  Theme Icon
...and cross the Greasy Grass, where they see troops approaching the river to attack the Hunkpapa camp. Standing Bear’s group moves out to meet the second band of soldiers—General Custer’s. A... (full context)
The Transformative Power of Ceremony  Theme Icon
...14 during the battle, elaborates on Standing Bear’s recollection, describing how a crier entered the Hunkpapa camp to announce that the soldiers were approaching. At this, Iron Hawk and the others... (full context)