Brick Lane


Monica Ali

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James (Jamshed Rashid) Character Analysis

The owner of the home where Hasina is eventually installed as a maid, he is the father of Jimmy and Daisy and the husband of Lovely. He works an executive at Dhaka National Plastics, which Lovely considers, much to her disgust, “a medium-sized company.” Like Mr. Chowdhury, he is dismissive of the poor and the left-leaning.
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James (Jamshed Rashid) Character Timeline in Brick Lane

The timeline below shows where the character James (Jamshed Rashid) appears in Brick Lane. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 11
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon thank God for, the first of which is her position in the household of James, whose real name is Jamshed Rashid, and Lovely, whose real name is Anwara Begum. They... (full context)
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon
Lovely also worries that James’s company, Bangla National Plastic, could be in hot water over its production of plastic bags.... (full context)
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon
...She tells Nazneen that everything is the same. She is fine, working for Lovely and James. She is making friends with Syeeda, the maid next door, who is completely untroubled and... (full context)
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon
James and Lovely have dinner together and, while Hasina cleans around them, James grumbles about the... (full context)
Chapter 15
Cultural and Religious Sexism Theme Icon
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon
...has to come from somewhere. Hasina wants to point out that Lovely’s money comes from James, but she keeps her mouth shut. (full context)