Brick Lane


Monica Ali

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Zaid Character Analysis

The eccentric cook for James and Lovely, he is so talented in the kitchen that he often gets away with doing very little work at all. He lives for Kung-Fu movies and liberal politics, and, over time, opens Hasina’s eyes to the need for the lower classes to revolt against their employers. At the end of the novel, he and Hasina run away together.
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Zaid Character Timeline in Brick Lane

The timeline below shows where the character Zaid appears in Brick Lane. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 11
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon
...was fired for stealing grocery money, but now she is very attached to Hasina. Since Zaid the cook has taken to stacking food in Hasina’s bedroom, she now sleeps on a... (full context)
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon
...he will provide for Lovely as well. Lovely says she is sweet. She still fears Zaid will leave then, but Hasina doesn’t think so—he has it too good with Lovely and... (full context)
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon
...anxious about an upcoming election. Depending on who wins, it could be bad for business. Zaid is behaving oddly, chopping the air even more than normal and declaring that his time... (full context)
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon
...isn’t really listening. She makes a comment about James’ company being medium-sized under her breath. Zaid hears everything and tells Hasina in the kitchen that all sides are hiring muscle for... (full context)
Chapter 15
Cultural and Religious Sexism Theme Icon
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon
...and wondering if touching these things is different for Lovely because they belong to her. Zaid surprises her by making a loud Kung-Fu noise and chopping the air. Jimmy and Daisy... (full context)
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon
...of how loving the girl is, like holding a beautiful, fragile bubble in her hand. Zaid, who’s been inside watching a Kung-Fu movie with Jimmy, tells Hasina not to get too... (full context)
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon about politics and the possibility of a plastic bag ban. The women look bored. Zaid makes dessert and tells Hasina that the rich people in the dining room don’t know... (full context)
Chapter 16
Luck, Class, and Fate Theme Icon
...she goes to the master bedroom and begins to apply Lovely’s makeup to her face. Zaid comes in while she is putting kohl on her eyes and quotes to her a... (full context)