Brick Lane


Monica Ali

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Because Brick Lane is a story of two sisters separated by great distance, mentions of blood in the text often refer to the ties that bind family together and the misunderstandings and mundane tragedies that…

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As girls in Gouripur, Nazneen and Hasina grow up surrounded by the beauty of the natural world. Water buffalo laze in ponds; mynah birds swoop overhead. All is wild and untamed. Nazneen confronts a very…

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As a young bride, Nazneen is initially impressed with the apartment Chanu provides for her, basking in the beauty of the furniture that crowds the rooms. The cabinets and chairs are proof that she has…

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Clothes and Textiles

Like furniture, clothing acts, on the surface, as code for status. In this novel about poor people struggling to rise up in the world and immigrants working both to fit in in a new…

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