Sheridan Le Fanu

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Doctor Hesselius Character Analysis

The doctor whose casebook is the source of the story. After becoming interested in Laura’s case, the doctor began a correspondence with Laura about her experiences, on which he based a medical essay. The unnamed narrator stresses that the narration of the book is Laura’s (sourced from her letters and prompted by the doctor’s questioning), and was not written by the doctor himself.
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Doctor Hesselius Character Timeline in Carmilla

The timeline below shows where the character Doctor Hesselius appears in Carmilla. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Loss of Innocence Theme Icon
...narrator explains that the following story is a case study from the collected papers of Doctor Hesselius , who has written an essay on the condition of the young woman at the... (full context)
Chapter 16
Women and Sexuality Theme Icon
Loss of Innocence Theme Icon
Love and Lust Theme Icon
...of the events with anxiety. If it had not been for the earnest requests from Doctor Hesselius , she would not have discussed the experience that still terrifies her and causes her... (full context)