Sheridan Le Fanu

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Hunchback Character Analysis

A deformed hunchback with a pointed black beard who sells Carmilla and Laura charms to ward off vampires, as well as evil dreams and spirits. He is dressed in black and scarlet and he carries a wide variety of objects that Laura’s father would often laugh at. He is accompanied by a dog. He also offers to blunt Carmilla’s sharp teeth, which greatly offends her.
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Hunchback Character Timeline in Carmilla

The timeline below shows where the character Hunchback appears in Carmilla. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 4
Science, Religion, Nature, and the Supernatural Theme Icon
...the only other time Carmilla was upset was when they were visited by a deformed hunchback carrying a wide variety of objects intended to ward off monsters. He stood under the... (full context)