Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Roald Dahl

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Characters

Charlie Bucket

The protagonist of the novel, Charlie is a little boy who lives in a small house on the edge of an unnamed English town. His family is extremely poor and doesn’t have a lot to… read analysis of Charlie Bucket

Grandpa Joe

Grandpa Joe is Charlie’s grandfather and Mr. Bucket’s father. He’s the oldest of the four grandparents at 96 and a half, and like the other grandparents, has spent the last 20 years stuck… read analysis of Grandpa Joe

Mr. Willy Wonka

Mr. Willy Wonka is a magical, mysterious chocolatier who runs a chocolate factory near Charlie’s house. Until he announces that he’s hidden five Golden Tickets in five Wonka bars and will give the winners… read analysis of Mr. Willy Wonka

The Oompa-Loompas

The Oompa-Loompas are the knee-high people who work in Mr. Wonka’s factory. They have “rosy-white” skin and flowing brown hair. They act as a sort of moral authority, imparting some of the novel’s most… read analysis of The Oompa-Loompas

Augustus Gloop

Augustus Gloop is the first child to find a Golden Ticket; he’s Mr. Gloop and Mrs. Gloop’s son. He’s extremely overweight and very greedy; Mrs. Gloop insists to reporters that it’s unsurprising that… read analysis of Augustus Gloop
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Veruca Salt

Veruca Salt is the second child to find a Golden Ticket; she’s Mr. Salt and Mrs. Salt’s daughter. Her parents spoil her and give her everything she wants, most of which she demands… read analysis of Veruca Salt

Violet Beauregarde

Violet Beauregarde is the third child to find a Golden Ticket; she’s Mr. Beauregarde and Mrs. Beauregarde’s daughter. She’s an avid gum-chewer and has even broken a world record: the piece of gum… read analysis of Violet Beauregarde

Mike Teavee

Mike Teavee is the fourth child to find a Golden Ticket; he’s Mr. Teavee and Mrs. Teavee’s son. He loves nothing more than watching television—especially shows or movies with a lot of violence… read analysis of Mike Teavee

Mr. Bucket

Mr. Bucket is Charlie’s father, Mrs. Bucket’s husband, and Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine’s son. He’s the only employed adult in the Bucket family; he works in a toothpaste factory, screwing caps… read analysis of Mr. Bucket

Mrs. Bucket

Mrs. Bucket is Charlie’s mother and Mr. Bucket’s wife. She’s a stay-at-home parent who spends most of her time caring for her parents, Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina; and her in-laws, Grandparead analysis of Mrs. Bucket

Grandpa George

Grandpa George is Mrs. Bucket’s father, Charlie’s grandfather, and Grandma Georgina’s husband. Like all of Charlie’s grandparents, Grandpa George is very old and has spent the last 20 years in bed. Though… read analysis of Grandpa George

Mr. Salt

Mr. Salt is Veruca’s father and Mrs. Salt’s husband. A wealthy man who owns a peanut factory, Mr. Salt spoils Veruca and gives her everything she wants. Indeed, Mr. Salt procured a Goldenread analysis of Mr. Salt

Mrs. Salt

Mrs. Salt is Veruca’s mother. She and her husband, Mr. Salt, are extremely wealthy and spoil Veruca. Afraid for Veruca’s safety after she falls down the garbage chute at Mr. Wonka’s factory… read analysis of Mrs. Salt
Minor Characters
Grandma Josephine
Grandma Josephine is Mr. Bucket’s mother, Charlie’s grandmother, and Grandpa Joe’s wife. Along with the other grandparents, she’s spent the last 20 years in bed. She adores Charlie.
Grandma Georgina
Grandma Georgina is Mrs. Bucket’s mother, Charlie’s grandmother, and Grandpa George’s wife. A very old lady, Grandma Georgina has spent the last 20 years in bed with the rest of Charlie’s grandparents. She’s kind and generous to Charlie, but she’s also sensible and practical.
Prince Pondicherry
Prince Pondicherry is a character in a story that Grandpa Joe tells Charlie. An influential Indian prince, Prince Pondicherry commissioned Mr. Wonka to build him a palace made of chocolate—and refused to believe that the palace would melt in the sun.
Mr. Gloop
Mr. Gloop is Augustus’s father and Mrs. Gloop’s husband. When Augustus falls into the chocolate river at Mr. Wonka’s factory, Mr. Gloop refuses to go in after his son because he’s wearing his best suit.
Mrs. Gloop
Mrs. Gloop is Augustus’s mother and Mr. Gloop’s wife.
Mrs. Beauregarde
Mrs. Beauregarde is Violet’s mother and Mr. Beauregarde’s wife. She’s an ineffective parent; whenever she tries to tell Violet to do something, Violet disobeys her.
Mr. Beauregarde
Mr. Beauregarde is Violet’s father and Mrs. Beauregarde’s husband.
Mr. Teavee
Mr. Teavee is Mike’s father and Mrs. Teavee’s husband. When Mike is transformed and becomes only an inch tall at Mr. Wonka’s factory, Mr. Teavee insists that he’s throwing away the family’s television as soon as he gets home.
Mrs. Teavee
Mrs. Teavee is Mike’s mother and Mr. Teavee’s wife.
The Shopkeeper
The shopkeeper is a fat man who runs the stationery shop where Charlie buys his winning Wonka candy bar. He’s kind and protective of Charlie, ensuring that Charlie isn’t pressured into selling his Golden Ticket.