Chasing Lincoln’s Killer


James L. Swanson

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Colonel Lafayette Baker Character Analysis

Stanton’s trusted second-hand, Colonel Lafayette Baker came down from New York to assist with the investigation into the president’s assassination. He rubbed many other manhunters the wrong way with his egotistical and sneaky behavior. He sent his cousin Luther Byron Baker an important tip leading to Booth and Herold’s eventual capture. He received $3,750 in reward money and wrote a book in which he took undue credit for his role in the fugitives’ capture.
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Colonel Lafayette Baker Character Timeline in Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

The timeline below shows where the character Colonel Lafayette Baker appears in Chasing Lincoln’s Killer. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 8
News, Information, and Misinformation Theme Icon
...Davis also being sought by manhunters. Stanton decided to delegate authority in the manhunt to Colonel Lafayette Baker , who had arrived from New York. (full context)
Chapter 11
Survival vs Principles Theme Icon
Meanwhile, the investigation was changing course. Lafayette Baker , a favorite of Stanton’s, was deceitful and egotistical in his approach to the manhunt.... (full context)
Chapter 13
Survival vs Principles Theme Icon In the end, sums ranging from $500 to $15,000 were awarded to Conger, Doherty, Lafayette Baker , Luther Baker, and to the noncommissioned officers at the barn, including Boston Corbett, and... (full context)