Chasing Lincoln’s Killer


James L. Swanson

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Sergeant Boston Corbett Character Analysis

A noncommissioned officer in the party of manhunters that ultimately found the fugitives, Boston Corbett shot and fatally wounded John Wilkes Booth. He was chastised for doing so by his commanders, but said that he had acted to defend his fellow soldiers. He was never punished for this action and received $1,653 in reward money.
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Sergeant Boston Corbett Character Timeline in Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

The timeline below shows where the character Sergeant Boston Corbett appears in Chasing Lincoln’s Killer. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 11
Survival vs Principles Theme Icon
...the manhunters and pick them off one by one with his weapons. A sergeant named Boston Corbett offered three times to go into the barn and fight Booth one-on-one, but Doherty ordered... (full context)
Survival vs Principles Theme Icon
Meanwhile, Boston Corbett walked to the side of the barn and spotted Booth through one of the gaps... (full context)
Survival vs Principles Theme Icon
Conger angrily demanded to know who had shot Booth. Boston Corbett stepped forward, saying he had shot Booth to protect his comrades. Since Conger, Baker, and... (full context)
Chapter 13
Survival vs Principles Theme Icon
...Conger, Doherty, Lafayette Baker, Luther Baker, and to the noncommissioned officers at the barn, including Boston Corbett , and to Colonel Wells and other interrogators. Nineteen other men received smaller awards for... (full context)