Chasing Lincoln’s Killer


James L. Swanson

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William Bell Character Analysis

A black servant of the Seward family, Bell answered the door on the night when Lewis Powell attacked Secretary Seward. Once the attack was underway, he ran into the street, screaming for help. During Powell’s escape on horseback from the Seward mansion, Bell chased him on foot until he could no longer keep up.
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William Bell Character Timeline in Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

The timeline below shows where the character William Bell appears in Chasing Lincoln’s Killer. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3
The Theatrical and The Real Theme Icon
Powell’s ring at the bell was answered by a black servant named William Bell. Bell believed Powell’s story, but argued with Powell when he said the doctor had told... (full context)
Planning, Conspiracy, and the Unexpected Theme Icon
Powell pretended to give up in his argument with Frederick and Bell and walked down the stairs, led by William Bell. Frederick walked back towards his room.... (full context)