Marissa Meyer

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Cinder: Chapter 26 Summary & Analysis

Kai arrives at the government officials meeting, where ambassadors from every Earthen country—the United Kingdom, the European Federation, the African Union, the American Republic, and Australia—have gathered on a video conference. They start to discuss how the relationship between Earth and Luna has been strained for many years—they need to find a way to prevent a war. Queen Levana’s talks indicate that she wants a marriage alliance with Kai, but Torin says that Emperor Rikan was firm in avoiding this alliance.
Kai’s meeting demonstrates that he is not the only one who is trying to work in the interest of his people. All of the leaders on Earth are working to counteract Queen Levana’s power, trying to find a solution for the tension between Earth and Luna without allowing Levana to take advantage of their citizens.
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Kai then informs the other officials that Queen Levana claims to have found a cure for letumosis—his research team is investigating a dose she brought. At this, the officials start to consider other marriage options, like with Levana’s stepdaughter, Princess Winter. Torin points out that Winter has no royal blood, and Levana still needs an heir. The American president says his sources indicate that war is imminent if Levana cannot marry Kai. They have images of genetically engineered Lunars that are a cross between human and beast. Kai points out that Queen Levana is trying to scare them into accepting an alliance.
Levana’s offer of an antidote tips the balance of power significantly. While Kai wants to avoid a war and doesn’t want to marry Levana, he is adamant about not letting the people of Earth suffer—even if he has to make sacrifices to prevent that suffering.
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