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Earthens are citizens of Earth. They contrast with Lunars, who are citizens of the moon colony Luna.

Earthens Quotes in Cinder

The Cinder quotes below are all either spoken by Earthens or refer to Earthens. For each quote, you can also see the other terms and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Bravery and Sacrifice Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Feiwel and Friends edition of Cinder published in 2012.
Chapter 4 Quotes

Lunars were a society that had evolved from an Earthen moon colony centuries ago, but they weren’t human anymore. People said Lunars could alter a person’s brain—make you see things you shouldn’t see, feel things you shouldn’t feel, do things you didn’t want to do. Their unnatural power had made them a greedy and violent race, and Queen Levana was the worst of all of them.

Page Number: 43
Explanation and Analysis:
Chapter 12 Quotes

“No, we’re talking about her daughter. Kai, the entire bloodline, every last one of them has been greedy, violent, corrupted by their own power. It’s in their blood. Believe me when I say that Princess Selene, even if she were alive, would be no better.”

Kai realized his arms were aching from squeezing them so hard, his skin gone white around his fingertips. “She can’t very well be worse,” he said. “And who knows? If the rumors are right, and she has been on Earth all this time, maybe she would be different. Maybe she would be sympathetic to us.”

Related Characters: Konn Torin (speaker), Prince Kai (speaker), Emperor Rikan, Cinder/Princess Selene, Queen Levana
Page Number: 114
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Chapter 23 Quotes

Levana folded her hands in her lap. “That vial is your gift. I hope you will find it helpful, young prince. I believe it is in both of our interests to rid your planet of this disease. My scientists could have thousands of dosages prepared by month’s end. However, such an undertaking, coupled with six years’ worth of work and resources, has put quite a strain on my own country, and so I’m sure you’ll understand the need for compensation. That will require further negotiations.”

Kai’s lungs constricted. “You would withhold this? When so many are dying?” It was a stupid question. She’d already withheld it long enough—what was it to her if more Earthens suffered in the meantime?

Related Characters: Queen Levana (speaker), Prince Kai (speaker), Emperor Rikan
Page Number: 207
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Earthens Term Timeline in Cinder

The timeline below shows where the term Earthens appears in Cinder. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 12
Bravery and Sacrifice Theme Icon
...a plan about Levana. Kai insists that he will not marry the Queen—she would turn Earthens into slaves. Torin says that he should simply hold out for a peace agreement—if she... (full context)
Chapter 19
Stereotypes and Discrimination Theme Icon
Secrecy and Manipulation Theme Icon
...says that they are. Cinder is suspicious of these “savages” coming to Earth and manipulating Earthens. (full context)
Chapter 26
Bravery and Sacrifice Theme Icon
Kai arrives at the government officials meeting, where ambassadors from every Earthen country—the United Kingdom, the European Federation, the African Union, the American Republic, and Australia—have gathered... (full context)
Chapter 31
Bravery and Sacrifice Theme Icon
Power, Greed, and Evil Theme Icon
...she watches some of the coronation coverage via her retina display. Representatives from the other Earthen countries officiate the lavish coronation as Kai vows to govern the Eastern Commonwealth according to... (full context)
Chapter 32
Bravery and Sacrifice Theme Icon
Power, Greed, and Evil Theme Icon
Resourcefulness, Kindness, and Perseverance Theme Icon
...and Levana marry, Levana is going to try to kill Kai and then brainwash the Earthens into following her. Cinder realizes that she has to warn Kai—she knows he’s likely going... (full context)