Marissa Meyer

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An android is a robot with a human appearance. In the novel, Iko and Nainsi are androids. read analysis of Android


A cyborg is a human being who also has mechanical or robotic body parts. Cinder is a cyborg who has a prosthetic hand, a prosthetic foot, and a mechanical brain interface that allows her to… read analysis of Cyborg


Earthens are citizens of Earth. They contrast with Lunars, who are citizens of the moon colony Luna. read analysis of Earthens

The Eastern Commonwealth

The Eastern Commonwealth, where Cinder lives, is one of the major nations of Earth in the novel (its real-world counterpart is the continent of Asia). The Eastern Commonwealth’s capital is New Beijing. Emperor Rikan is… read analysis of The Eastern Commonwealth

Glamour/The “Gift”

Glamour (also known as the “gift”) is the Lunar ability to manipulate other people’s bioelectricity. This allows Lunars to telepathically control others’ thoughts and actions. However, glamour does not work over screens or through mirrorsread analysis of Glamour/The “Gift”
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Hovers are the primary means of transportation on Earth in the novel. These vehicles are designed to hover above the ground using a magnetic device called a magbelt to propel it off the ground. read analysis of Hover


Letumosis is a deadly airborne disease that has killed millions of Earthens. The disease has four stages: the first stage is an incubation period, and the second is characterized by large bruise-like patches on… read analysis of Letumosis


Luna is the society on the moon in the novel, and Lunars are the people who reside there. Queen Levana is their leader. Though Lunars were initially human, they have since evolved into a different… read analysis of Luna/Lunars


A netscreen is a device with a screen that’s used for entertainment and media broadcasts, similar to a television. read analysis of Netscreen

The Quarantines

The quarantines are a facility where people with letumosis are segregated from the population and treated. After Peony comes down with letumosis, an ambulance takes her to the quarantines, and Cinder visits her there. read analysis of The Quarantines


Shells are Lunars without the “gift.” They cannot control others, nor can they be controlled by others. Because shells cannot be controlled, Queen Levana and Queen Channery despised them, labelled them dangerous, and… read analysis of Shell


A thaumaturge is a person of power in the Lunar government. Sybil Mira is Queen Levana’s head thaumaturge. The word “thaumaturgy” is derived from Greek, meaning magic or miracle. read analysis of Thaumaturge