Marissa Meyer

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Queen Channary Character Analysis

Queen Channary is Queen Levana’s older sister and Princess Selene’s mother. Like Levana, Channary was power-hungry and cruel: she instituted a policy to kill shells on Luna, believing that they were dangerous because they cannot be controlled. Many Lunars believe that Levana killed Channary in order to ascend the throne.
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Queen Channary Character Timeline in Cinder

The timeline below shows where the character Queen Channary appears in Cinder. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 4
Power, Greed, and Evil Theme Icon
Secrecy and Manipulation Theme Icon
There are other rumors about Queen Levana: that she murdered her older sister Queen Channary to take the throne away from her, and that she killed her niece Princess Selene... (full context)