Marissa Meyer

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A netscreen is a device with a screen that’s used for entertainment and media broadcasts, similar to a television.
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Netscreen Term Timeline in Cinder

The timeline below shows where the term Netscreen appears in Cinder. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2
Bravery and Sacrifice Theme Icon
...take back alleys out of the market. Cinder runs back to her own street, noticing netscreens blaring the news about the plague outbreak in the city center. When she also catches... (full context)
Bravery and Sacrifice Theme Icon
Just then, a broadcast comes up on the netscreen: Prince Kai is giving a speech, explaining that research on a vaccine for letumosis is... (full context)
Chapter 10
Stereotypes and Discrimination Theme Icon
Secrecy and Manipulation Theme Icon
...little less vulnerable. The door is locked, but Cinder is able to look at the netscreen that contains her holographic image. Suddenly, the door opens behind her, and Dr. Erland enters.... (full context)
Chapter 16
Bravery and Sacrifice Theme Icon
...lost his youth and his freedom as well as his father. At that moment, the netscreen starts broadcasting an incoming communication from Queen Levana. (full context)
Secrecy and Manipulation Theme Icon
...“glamour”—the ability to manipulate people’s brainwaves and see her as divinely beautiful—doesn’t translate over the netscreens. Queen Levana offers her condolences for Emperor Rikan and also says that she looks forward... (full context)
Chapter 21
Secrecy and Manipulation Theme Icon
...aren’t usually plugged into androids. Cinder takes the chip and plugs it into her own netscreen, and it starts initiating a link with an unknown user. As the netscreen continues to... (full context)
Chapter 32
Secrecy and Manipulation Theme Icon can track her. But before she does, the direct link still loading on her netscreen pops up. Cinder accepts the link, and a girl’s image pops up the screen. The... (full context)