Louis Sachar

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Myra's Father Character Analysis

Myra Menke's father wishes to marry her off when she turns fifteen. He doesn't much care whom she marries; he simply wants a fat pig in return. This leads him to consider Igor Barkov and agree to Elya's suggestion that the suitor to bring the fattest pig should win her hand.
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Myra's Father Character Timeline in Holes

The timeline below shows where the character Myra's Father appears in Holes. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1, Chapter 7
Fate and Destiny Theme Icon
Justice Theme Icon
Power, Money, and Education Theme Icon
...was born in Latvia and at age fifteen, fell in love with fourteen-year-old Myra Menke. Myra's father decided that when Myra turned fifteen, she should be married. Both Elya and 57-year-old pig... (full context)
Fate and Destiny Theme Icon
...Zeroni had told him to, Elya took a bath. Then, he presented his pig to Myra's father . Elya boldly asked to marry Myra, but her father insisted on weighing Elya and... (full context)
Cruelty vs. Kindness Theme Icon
Power, Money, and Education Theme Icon
Myra's father examined the pigs, declared them fine pigs, and couldn't decide whose pig to accept. When... (full context)