Into the Beautiful North


Luis Alberto Urrea

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Agent Smith Character Analysis

Agent Smith is one of the Border Patrol officers who arrests Nayeli and the Tres Camarones group during their first attempt at crossing the border. Along with his fellow officer, Agent Anderson, Agent Smith speaks Spanish, which surprises Nayeli. He has a friendly rapport with Candelaria and jokes with her about how she should attempt to cross the border on his day off.
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Agent Smith Character Timeline in Into the Beautiful North

The timeline below shows where the character Agent Smith appears in Into the Beautiful North. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 16
Racism Theme Icon
Agent Anderson shines his light in Tacho's face as Agent Smith drives up. They hear yelling and cursing from the south. The entire group looks to... (full context)
Borders and Ownership Theme Icon
Racism Theme Icon
Disillusionment and Idealization Theme Icon
Agent Smith helps Candelaria into the car and suggests she try to cross on Sunday, his day... (full context)
Racism Theme Icon
...flesh, and when he notices her staring, she shyly tells him his skin is beautiful. Agent Smith walks by and calls the black man Arnie. Arnie ushers Nayeli out of the pen... (full context)