Into the Beautiful North


Luis Alberto Urrea

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Rigoberto Character Analysis

Rigoberto is a gay, slightly older man that Tacho meets in a Tijuana gay bar. He's wealthy, elegant, and kind, and Tacho is very attracted to him. Rigoberto dresses Tacho up like his partner, Wilivaldo, and smuggles Tacho over the border using Wilivaldo's passport. Rigoberto has a beautiful glass teapot that Tacho finds entrancing and absurdly beautiful.
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Rigoberto Character Timeline in Into the Beautiful North

The timeline below shows where the character Rigoberto appears in Into the Beautiful North. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 21
Borders and Ownership Theme Icon
Racism Theme Icon
...the bar, Tacho downs one martini and rebuffs a sad man's advances. A man named Rigoberto sits next to him and offers him a chocolate cigarette. Rigoberto comments on Tacho's bruised... (full context)
Racism Theme Icon
Female Friendship vs. Romance Theme Icon
Tacho looks around, and Rigoberto deems Tacho exotic since he's the only criminal in the bar. Tacho allows Rigoberto to... (full context)
Chapter 24
Borders and Ownership Theme Icon
Racism Theme Icon
Rigoberto asks his housekeeper and cook to recolor Tacho's hair. The housekeeper serves tea in a... (full context)
Racism Theme Icon
In the lanes of traffic waiting to cross the border, Rigoberto explains to Tacho that Border Patrol treats people in BMWs differently. He laughs and says... (full context)
Disillusionment and Idealization Theme Icon
Rigoberto buys Tacho lunch and then passes him a cell phone to call Irma and Matt.... (full context)