Life of Pi

Life of Pi


Yann Martel

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Life of Pi: Chapter 100 Summary & Analysis

The author then gives Okamoto’s report of the interview. Okamoto says that the Tsimtsum possibly sank because of an engine problem, but he admits that the cause of the shipwreck is unknowable. He then adds a personal note about Pi, saying that his ordeal at sea was unique and astonishing. He says that Pi’s story is totally unparalleled, as few castaways have survived as long as he did, and none of them did so “in the company of an adult Bengal tiger.”
This final report adds dimension and poignancy to Okamoto’s character, as the official chooses to believe Pi’s animal story as the “better” truth despite his natural skepticism, and so it is the animal version that is marked down in the official documents. Martel ends on this slightly hopeful note after crushing our perception of truth, suggesting that choosing “the better story” is just as important as finding out the facts of reality.
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