Life of Pi

Life of Pi


Yann Martel

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Life of Pi: Chapter 66 Summary & Analysis

Pi keeps fishing, often using a gaff that he finds in the locker. He pulls the fish aboard and then kills them with the hatchet. He has lost all qualms about touching sea life or killing living creatures. He improves at hunting, and starts using the net as a lure to attract more fish. Some days he catches more fish than he can eat, but often there is nothing to catch. He sometimes catches turtles as well – he finds it is easy to grab them but difficult to pull them aboard, as they are so big. Pi sadly compares his new level of “savagery” to his earlier lifestyle of vegetarianism.
Pi quickly adjusts to killing sealife with impunity in order to feed himself and Richard Parker. He has even moved quickly from being a vegetarian to eating raw meat whenever he can. Pi has lost some of his “civilized” humanity in this, but his resourcefulness and ability to adapt show a different kind of humanity.
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