Life of Pi

Life of Pi


Yann Martel

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Life of Pi: Chapter 30 Summary & Analysis

The author interrupts again to describe his meeting with Pi’s wife, Meena. The author had been meeting visiting Pi for a while without ever hearing about a wife, so her existence first came as a shock to him. The author wonders at how protective Pi is of the things that are precious to him. The author wonders if Meena is the one who has been cooking so much spicy food, but then he confirms that Pi is the cook.
The same post-deprivation mindset that leads Pi to stock up on canned food also causes him to guard his family closely. The author returns to Pi’s spicy cooking, a reminder that Pi was once without food at all and so now has a special appreciation for it, and also referring back to Pi’s “spicing up” of “yeastless reality.”
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