Life of Pi

Life of Pi


Yann Martel

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Life of Pi: Chapter 44 Summary & Analysis

The day passes slowly and Pi listens to the flies buzzing around on the boat. Evening comes and Pi grows afraid of the approaching night. In the dark he will be invisible to rescuers, and the animals might become active and aggressive. The night is moonless and cloudy, so when darkness falls it is total and overwhelming. Pi hears snarls from the hyena and barking from the zebra, and then he hears sounds from underneath the boat as well. He realizes that the “battle for life” is taking place in the ocean as well.
Pi has been thrown into a world totally devoid of humans but teeming with animal life. He sees the reflection of his own struggle to survive – even against his own hope and reasoning – in all the animals “battling for life” around him. Pi’s father taught him about the violence in nature with the tiger-and-goat lesson, but now Pi is totally immersed in this world of savagery.
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