Life of Pi

Life of Pi


Yann Martel

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Life of Pi: Chapter 96 Summary & Analysis

The narrative now consists of verbatim segments of this interview, with the Japanese portions translated and in a different font. The interview begins, and Mr. Okamoto gives the date as February 19th, 1978. Mr. Chiba is a junior official, and Okamoto gives him advice in Japanese in between talking to Pi. They greet Pi and discuss their trip. The officials say that they had a nice trip, and Pi says that he had a horrible trip. Pi says he is hungry, and the officials give him a cookie. They ask him to tell his story.
Martel throws in more seemingly meaningless details to lend credibility and a journalistic feeling to his story. This is similar to Pi’s intricate description of the algae island or his training of Richard Parker (if these were indeed a fiction made up by Pi, either purposefully or as a kind of subconscious self-protection). Pi already seems detached from his horrible ordeal and is almost making jokes about it.
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