The House of Mirth


Edith Wharton

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A rich divorcée from the West, Mrs. Hatch lives at the Emporium Hotel, where she enjoys a lavish, disorganized life of easy pleasures. Though shunned by formal high society, she entertains many members of society informally. Lily Bart works for her as a social secretary but resigns as soon as she discovers that Norma Hatch is trying to marry Freddy Van Osburgh—an event that later turns into a social scandal, because of the stark difference in social importance between the two characters.
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Norma Hatch Character Timeline in The House of Mirth

The timeline below shows where the character Norma Hatch appears in The House of Mirth. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Book 2: Chapter 8
Love and Friendship Theme Icon
...her unhappiness. When he goes to visit her, he learns that she is now with Norma Hatch at the Emporium Hotel—a piece of news that fills him with disgust. (full context)
Book 2: Chapter 9
Money and Happiness Theme Icon
...that reassures her. Lily’s job is to assist a rich, divorced woman from the west, Norma Hatch , in her social climb. Although Carry Fisher does not know Mrs. Hatch personally, she... (full context)
Money and Happiness Theme Icon
Morality vs. Hypocrisy Theme Icon
At the hotel, Lily finds herself in a strange environment, in which Mrs. Hatch and her friends seem to have no connection to real life, enjoying an existence of... (full context)
Morality vs. Hypocrisy Theme Icon
...close to Stancy, and why they both seem so intent on nurturing the relationship between Mrs. Hatch and Freddy Van Osburgh, who seems to like the divorcée a lot. Lily, who feels... (full context)
Love and Friendship Theme Icon take her away from here, making allusive reference to the danger of remaining with Mrs. Hatch and arguing that Lily could stay with Gerty until she receives Mrs. Peniston’s inheritance. However,... (full context)
Book 2: Chapter 10
Money and Happiness Theme Icon
Morality vs. Hypocrisy Theme Icon
A few weeks later, Lily separates from Norma Hatch , after sensing that she was being used to facilitate an unacceptable social transaction. Later,... (full context)
Morality vs. Hypocrisy Theme Icon He asks about her life, although he is embarrassed to remember the rumors concerning Mrs. Hatch , and is shocked to learn that Lily is now part of the working class.... (full context)
Love and Friendship Theme Icon
...has been afraid for people to think that she was involved in the scandal with Mrs. Hatch , and has therefore taken a break from helping Lily—which Lily understands and excuses. Although... (full context)
Book 2: Chapter 12
Love and Friendship Theme Icon
...begins the conversation by apologizing for her attitude when he came to warn her about Mrs. Hatch . Noting that Lily looks tired, Selden makes her sit down and Lily, unwilling to... (full context)