The Invisible Man


H. G. Wells

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The Invisible Man: Chapter 10 Summary & Analysis

Now that the initial panic in Iping is over, people in the village start arguing. Many are skeptical that Griffin is actually invisible; this skepticism is stoked by the fact that Jaffers remains lying silent and motionless. Iping has been decorated for Whit Monday, and everybody is dressed up. As the day progresses, everyone gradually turns their attention back to the festivities, even as “a slight uneasiness” remains in the atmosphere.
Iping is a place defined by tradition, and in the midst of the chaos and anxiety caused by Griffin the villagers are able to seek comfort in the tradition of Whit Monday. At the same time, they cannot ignore the fact that Iping has been changed forever by Griffin’s presence.
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At 4 pm a stranger arrives in IpingThomas Marvel. He heads straight for the Coach and Horses, looking agitated. Inside, he tries to open the door to Griffin’s room before Hall shouts: “That room’s private!” Mr. Huxter sees Marvel standing outside, smoking, as the parlor window opens. Huxter watches him for a while, and when Marvel suddenly leaves he dashes after him. Huxter can see that Marvel is holding a blue tablecloth filled with items, and three books tied together with what are later discovered to be Bunting’s braces. Huxter shouts: “Stop thief!” and runs after Marvel, who flees. As Huxter runs through the village festivities, he trips and goes flying into the air.
Mr. Huxter, another Iping resident, does not have any direct connection to the earlier chaos caused by Griffin, and yet still intervenes in order to stop Marvel’s apparent theft of Griffin’s belongings. This is indicative of the way that the people of Iping feel a sense of communal responsibility and help one another out, doing their best to prevent any crime or wrongdoing from occurring in the community.
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