The Meursault Investigation


Kamel Daoud

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The Meursault Investigation Terms


The Arabic word for “foreigner,” which Algerians use to describe all French settlers. read analysis of Roumi


An ethnic or religious signifier, referring to people of Middle Eastern or North African heritage and/or Muslims. Harun complains that European colonists use this term to lump together all the people and societies of the… read analysis of Arab


In The Meursault Investigation, “Independence” refers to Algerian independence from France, achieved in 1962 at the end of a rebellion known as the War of Liberation. read analysis of Independence

War of Liberation

A war launched in 1954 by the Algerian National Liberation front (FLN) against the French colonial regime. After eight years of fighting, in which both sides resorted to brutal tactics and committed atrocities against civilians… read analysis of War of Liberation


A tower attached to a mosque, from the top of which a man intones the daily call to prayer and sometimes delivers sermons. read analysis of Minaret
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A Muslim prayer leader in a mosque and a spiritual leader in the wider Muslim community. read analysis of Imam


The fundamental sacred scripture of Islam, also known as the Quran or Qur’an. read analysis of Koran