The Meursault Investigation


Kamel Daoud

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A tower attached to a mosque, from the top of which a man intones the daily call to prayer and sometimes delivers sermons.

Minaret Quotes in The Meursault Investigation

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Colonialism and its Aftermath Theme Icon
Chapter 15 Quotes

I often look out at it from my window, and I loathe its architecture, the big finger pointed at the sky, the concrete still gaping. I also loathe the imam, who looks at his flock as if he’s the steward of the kingdom.

Related Characters: Harun (speaker)
Page Number: 139
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Minaret Term Timeline in The Meursault Investigation

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Chapter 15
Religion and Nihilism Theme Icon
...loathes its “big finger pointed at the sky.” Sometimes he wants to climb up the minaret and bellow all the profanities he knows through the loudspeakers. He wants to cry out... (full context)
Religion and Nihilism Theme Icon
...should ask “Him” directly. Sometimes he has a feeling that he really is inside a minaret, and a mob is outside trying desperately to tear down the door. He knows that... (full context)