The Poisonwood Bible

The Poisonwood Bible


Barbara Kingsolver

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The Poisonwood Bible: Book 4, Chapter 57 Summary & Analysis

Adah, Nelson, and Leah wake up early the next morning, hoping to catch the supposed intruder in their chicken house. To their surprise, they think they see a figure entering the area. A few moments later they creep to the chicken house, where they see a bright green mamba snake and a footprint, showing a six-toed left foot.
We remember that Tata Kuvudundu has six toes on one foot—clearly, he’s snuck into the chicken house and placed the snake there. Based on what we’ve seen of Kuvudundu lately, we can surmise that he’s angry with Leah for hunting, and with the Prices in general for disrupting life and order in Kilanga.
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