The Shadow of the Wind

The Shadow of the Wind


Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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The Shadow of the Wind: The Shadow of the Wind: Chapter 3 Summary & Analysis

At the Aldaya house, Daniel quickly finds Bea, who is huddled in Penélope’s old room. She has also met Carax, who knew who she was and provided her with food and blankets. Now, Bea says, Carax is waiting in the library for Fumero, who he knows will have followed Daniel. Daniel looks down the stairs and sees that Fumero is entering the house with a gun.
It’s notable and ominous that the newly pregnant Bea has taken refuge in the room where Penélope gave birth to her illicit child and subsequently died. While his similarities to Carax are often a source of pride for Daniel, it’s clear that for Bea these parallels could be a death sentence.
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