The Wars

The Wars


Timothy Findley

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One of Peggy Ross’s many boyfriends. Clinton attends Harvard University before he enlists in World War I and eventually dies in the battle for Belleau Wood in 1918. Seeing Clinton in his military uniform at Rowena’s funeral in 1915 is what first gives Robert the idea to enlist in the army.
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Clinton Brown Character Timeline in The Wars

The timeline below shows where the character Clinton Brown appears in The Wars. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1, Chapter 9
Trauma and War Theme Icon
Honor, Duty, and Heroism Theme Icon
At Rowena’s funeral the following Thursday, Tom and Mrs. Ross are stoic. Peggy’s boyfriend, Clinton Brown, is there in his soldier’s uniform, and Robert thinks that it must be nice... (full context)
Trauma and War Theme Icon
Blame, Revenge, and Justice Theme Icon
Loss of Innocence Theme Icon
...sliding in the mud as he runs, and attacks Teddy. They wrestle until Tom and Clinton separate them. Mr. Ross signals Teddy to go ahead with killing the rabbits. (full context)