The Way of the World

The Way of the World


William Congreve

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The Way of the World: Act 1, Scene 2 Summary & Analysis

A messenger arrives at the chocolate house with important news for Mirabell: the secret wedding which he organized took place at the Duke’s Place a few hours ago. Mirabell is pleased. The footman also gives Mirabell the marriage certificate and tells him that the clothes Mirabell ordered for Waitwell, Mirabell’s manservant, are ready. Before the footman departs, Mirabell gives him further instruction for the newlyweds to meet him at Rosamand’s Pond at one o’ clock.
The messenger and secret wedding indicate that Mirabell wasn’t at the chocolate house just to hang out. He’s been waiting for this message all morning, which suggests he’s up to something. Though what he’s up to isn’t yet clear, it is clear that Mirabell is a clever and organized schemer. Moreover, Waitwell seems like he will play an important role in the plan. That Mirabell would order his servant a new and expensive suit certainly has more to do with intrigue than generosity.
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