The Way of the World

The Way of the World


William Congreve

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The Way of the World: Act 3, Scene 3 Summary & Analysis

Peg returns, explaining that she was looking for a cup. Wishfort complains about the size of the cup she brings, saying that Peg must think her a “fairy” to drink out of an “acorn” sized cup. Finally Wishfort tells Peg to pour her a drink, but they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Wishfort orders Peg to see who it is but then calls her back to first hide the bottle before she answers the door. It’s Marwood. Wishfort tells Peg to invite her inside.
The foolish Peg’s innocence invites her tormenter Wishfort to rain down abuse on her. However, though Wishfort’s criticisms of Peg are funny and Wishfort thinks herself vastly superior to her young servant, she herself is not any wiser than Peg. And, like Peg, she often makes more mistakes than she gets things right.
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