There There

There There


Tommy Orange

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There There: Part IV: Blue (3) Summary & Analysis

As the morning goes on, Blue feels herself becoming more and more aware of the safe. She never considered it a safety hazard or a liability in the weeks leading up to the event—but after getting nervous because of Jacquie’s presence, she has noticed a group of “thuggish-looking guys” standing nearby, and is growing bothered. As the group creeps closer to the table, Blue tells herself she’s being paranoid—no one would rob a powwow. Nevertheless, she looks under the table at the safe, which is covered up in a brightly-colored Pendleton blanket, just to be sure it’s still with her.
Blue’s instincts are calling out to her and telling her that something is wrong—but to her, the idea of someone causing violence at a powwow or simply disrupting the joyful, sacred gathering is unfathomable.
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