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There There


Tommy Orange

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There There: Part IV: Opal Viola Victoria Bear Shield (4) Summary & Analysis

As gunfire and screams fill the stadium, Opal runs downstairs to the main level. She pulls her phone out and calls Orvil, but gets no answer. She calls Loother, and though she gets through, the reception is terrible and she can barely hear him. Opal begins sobbing, unable to believe that “someone [has] really come to get [them.]” Opal runs out the front of the coliseum and sees Loother and Lony waiting for her—but Orvil is not with them.
When the shots begin ringing out, Opal is shocked but not quite surprised. She is used to living her life knowing that her people are the targets of trauma and violence—and this is just another episode in a long history of persecution.
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