Tuesdays with Morrie


Mitch Albom

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Tuesdays with Morrie Characters

Mitch Albom

A sports reporter living and working in Detroit, Michigan. He attended Brandeis University for his undergraduate degree, where he met professor Morrie Schwartz through his sociology classes. The two developed a close relationship while Mitch… read analysis of Mitch Albom

Morrie Schwartz

A professor of Sociology at Brandeis University. His love of teaching and desire to treat others with compassion and understanding make him a beloved friend and mentor to many, including Mitch, the narrator. He loves… read analysis of Morrie Schwartz


Mitch's younger brother, a free spirit who moved to Spain and remains relatively estranged from his family. He is diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer and must travel throughout Europe to receive treatment… read analysis of Peter


Morrie's father, a Russian man who moved to the US to escape the Russian Army. He worked in the fur industry, spoke little English, and was generally cold towards Morrie and David. After… read analysis of Charlie

Morrie's Mother

She ran a candy shop in the Bronx until she fell sick with an unnamed illness. She passed away when Morrie was eight, and Morrie was tasked with reading the telegram to his father. He… read analysis of Morrie's Mother
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Minor Characters
Mitch's wife, a professional singer. She and Mitch married after seven years of dating, and she loves him despite his busy schedule and his unwillingness to prioritize having children. She accompanies Mitch to visit Morrie one week and to everyone's surprise, sings for Morrie.
Wife of Morrie and a professor at MIT. She is a very private person, but tolerates and supports Morrie's desire to have visitors when he receives his ALS diagnosis.
Morrie's younger brother. He contracted Polio as a child and suffers from a permanent limp.
Morrie's stepmother, a Romanian immigrant. She married Charlie a year after Morrie's mother died, when Morrie was nine. She gave Morrie the love and attention he craved from his father, and is responsible for instilling in him a love of learning.
Ted Koppel
Host of the Nightline TV show. A tough, brisk man, through his three interviews with Morrie, he softens and seems to take some of Morrie's life lessons to heart.
Morrie's home health nurse, described as a stout, Italian woman. She helps Morrie use the toilet and performs other tasks to keep him comfortable, such as massaging his feet and turning him in bed.
Morrie's first home health worker who helps him with his bathing suit and getting in and out of the swimming pool.
One of Morrie's sons; a journalist in Tokyo.
One of Morrie's sons; a computer expert in Boston.