Tuesdays with Morrie


Mitch Albom

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Tuesdays with Morrie Symbols


Morrie absolutely loves to eat. Besides being necessary for life in a basic sense, Morrie sees food as a means of connecting and fostering relationships, and therefore essential in developing and maintaining his personal culture…

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Tuesdays with Morrie makes it very clear that the world is absolutely saturated in all sorts of media. Mitch works for a newspaper (as well as television and radio), both he and Morrie read newspapers…

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The Natural World and Morrie's Hibiscus

Part of Morrie's personal culture includes taking walks outside, and he shows a great appreciation for nature. Even when he is no longer able to go outside, and even gets a chill sitting next…

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Morrie's love of dance is directly tied to his conception of freedom. Dance is a way for him to gain freedom from a culture he doesn't find useful, as when Mitch describes him at…

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