We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves


Karen Joy Fowler

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Harlow Fielding Character Analysis

Harlow is Rosemary’s first real friend outside her family. They meet when Rosemary witnesses Harlow having a melodramatic fight with her boyfriend, Reg, in the UC Davis cafeteria, and Rosemary and Harlow end up being arrested together. Rosemary notes that Harlow exhibits the same impulsive, reckless traits as a chimpanzee, which is why Rosemary is drawn to her—although this also makes Rosemary feel that Harlow is “dangerous.” Although Harlow is fun-loving, she also has a tendency to disrespect people’s privacy and property and to lie. Harlow is studying drama and dreams of moving to Ashland, Oregon, to design lighting for the Ashland Shakespeare Company. However, after meeting (and promptly falling in love with) Lowell, she joins him in his life as an animal rights outlaw.
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