A Rumor of War

A Rumor of War


Philip Caputo

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Corporal Parker Character Analysis

The best friend of PFC Esposito. Caputo watches Parker talk to Esposito, who is heavily drugged and lying on a cot. The men reminisce about their friendship, and Caputo feels slightly embarrassed, as though he is “listening in on the conversation of two lovers who are about to be separated.”
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Corporal Parker Character Timeline in A Rumor of War

The timeline below shows where the character Corporal Parker appears in A Rumor of War. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter Six
Loyalty and Camaraderie Theme Icon
Danger and Uncertainty Theme Icon
War and Disillusionment Theme Icon
Corporal Parker and Caputo go to visit PFC Esposito in the field hospital. Esposito has mixed feelings... (full context)